Population 282 million
Demonym Wechallian
Countries Nineteen independent countries
Largest cities MorganteMunbachKovoffVarsavaTaruna

Wechall is the easternmost landmass in the Lost Sea, and one of the world's two continents. Wechall is home to the Wechallians, a blanket term referring to the caucasian ethnic groups that reside in the nineteen independent countries located in Wechall.

In contrast to Blasmer, Wechall has long seen greater urbanization, human development, financial prosperity, and overall well-being. Beginning in the 16th-century, Wechallian nations began forcibly taking Blasmerians from their home countries to work as slaves in Wechall. This was outlawed continent-wide by 1805, but a large number of ethnic Blasmerians continue to reside in Wechall due to the slave trade, and have resided there for generations.

The largest country in Wechall is Dalia, with a population estimate of 57 million, located on the western coast. The capital of Dalia, Morgante, remains the largest city in Wechall with a population estimate of seven million. Some of the other largest cities in Wechall include Munbach (in Lungary), Kovoff (in Kasha), Varsava (in Bachiseria), and Taruna (in Dalia).

Countries[edit | edit source]

Flag Map English common
and formal names
Domestic common
and formal names
Capital Population
(est. 2017)
Flagakraine.svg Mapakraine.png Akraine
Republic of Akraine
Akrainian: Akrajna — Naruszka zhe Akrajne Prav 19,567,000
Flagalfdal.svg Mapalfdal.png Alfdal
Kingdom of Alfdal
Alfdalian: Orf — Orfskag Blorn 8,293,000
Flagbachiseria.svg Mapbachiseria.png Bachiseria
Kingdom of Bachiseria
Bachiserian: Bakarja — Kariśenak z Bakarju Varsava 24,610,000
Flagbreza.svg Mapbreza.png Breza
Kingdom of Breza
Brezan: Baliza — Balizam Maluna Kali 590,000
Flagdalia.svg Mapdalia.png Dalia
Kingdom of Dalia
Dalian: DaśkaKenźenek z Daśku Morgante 57,789,000
Flagdelterne.svg Mapdeltere.png Deltere
Kingdom of Deltere
Delterian: Delterne — Keriget Delterne Haag 6,456,000
Flagefterland.svg Mapefterland.png Efterland
Efter: Efterweiss — Efterweiss
Lungarian: Eftarweis — Eftarweis
Jargerian: Emdar — Emdar
Palck 8,140,000
Flaggenova.svg Mapgenova.png Genova
Republic of Genova
Genovan: Genova — Namszka zhe Genove Silan 7,659,000
Flaggolona.svg Mapgolona.png Golona
Republic of Golona
Golonian: Golko — Maziś s Golku Alagona 13,562,000
Flaghaff.svg Maphaff.png Haff
Republic of Haff
Lungarian: Haff — Jüng Haff Karenna 16,268,000
Flaghelvenia.svg Maphelvenia.png Helvenia
Republic of Helvenia
Helvenian: Helvesja — Narkmat Helvesje Laren 2,491,000
Flagjargery.svg Mapjargery.png Jargery
Kingdom of Jargery
Jargerian: Jarja — Blaskat Jarje Svin 6,139,000
Flagkasha.svg Mapkasha.png Kasha
Kashan Federation
Kashan: Kaszka — Federacja Kaszki Kovoff 34,193,000
Flaglarus.svg Maplarus.png Larus
Republic of Larus
Larusian: Larus — Namkuszka zhe Larusa Maria 2,873,000
Flaglungary.svg Maplungary.png Lungary
Kingdom of Lungary
Lungarian: Lüngard — Laff Lüngard Munbach 45,283,000
Flagnorwall.svg Mapnorwall.png Norwall
Kingdom of Norwall
Norwallian: Nørk — Keriget Nørk Kuvo 4,678,000
Flagpool.svg Mappool.png Pool
Kingdom of Pool
Poolian: Pöl — Keriget Pöl Kammer 7,980,000
Flagsamara.svg Mapsamara.png Samara
Republic of Samara
Samaran: Samara — Namszka zhe Samare Titro 9,981,000
Flagwake.svg Mapwake.png Wake
Republic of Wake
Wakian: Vakkern — Nakurmaț Vakkerna Malat 5,789,000
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