Old Lungarian Kingdoms
Weichlüngarderisch Laffer
Location Lungary
Number 21

The Old Lungarian Kingdoms (Lungarian: Weichlüngarderisch Laffer) refers to the 21 Lungarian-speaking kingdoms that made up Lungary prior to the fall of the Lungarian Empire in 1818. Following the establishment of the modern Kingdom of Lungary, the Old Kingdoms were disbanded and replaced by the counties of Lungary.

While the Old Kingdoms have no current official usage, they still maintain some degree of relevancy in the modern era. Royals often possess titles relating to the Old Kingdoms, and it is customary for the monarch to give their children duchies of Old Kingdoms as wedding presents, as started with Otto IV. Some sports teams also have names referencing the Old Kingdoms.

Old Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

Image Kingdom Capital
Dachtaummap.png Dachtaum Schauwe
Darchtmap.png Darcht Dar
Dinemap.png Dine Schlesmann
Edenbargmap.png Edenbarg Zachaust
Elgerholmemap.png Elgerholme Elgerholme
Hachtaummap.png Hachtaum Traum
Horvarnmap.png Horvarn Ogden
Kolnamap.png Kolna Kolna
Kompfheimmap.png Kompfheim Scawer
Kusseldorfmap.png Küsseldorf Brestel
Mauffendagmap.png Mauffendag Stender
Munbachmap.png Munbach Munbach
Murdauschossmap.png Mürdauschöss Karndal
Negeindorfmap.png Negeindorf Egerhaus
Netschenhausschmap.png Netschenhaussch Braunscher
Neunmap.png Neun Katzbach
Schauschbachmap.png Schauschbach Schausster
Skaarmap.png Skaar Elkmer
Toffenummap.png Toffenum Warner
Tschechenhausmap.png Tschechenhaus Tschecka
Veckermap.png Vecker Vecker
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