State of Lungary
Country Lungary
Capital Kavar
Government —Body: Parliament of Kavar
—Minister-President: Madeleine Halbrug
Population 704,000 (est. 2017)

Kavarland is one of the seventeen states of Lungary. It has a population of 704 thousand, while its capital and largest city is Kavar, located in the center of the state.

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Administrative divisions[edit | edit source]

Kavarland, like most of the other states of Lungary, is divided into counties. Each county is governed by a county supervisor who presides in the county seat.

# Name County Seat Population (2017)
1 Gries County Gries 108,000
2 Kavar County Kavar 399,000
3 Rochsbach County Rochsbach 197,000
Kavarland Kavar 704,000

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