Population 327 million
Demonym Blasmerian
Countries Thirteen independent countries
Largest cities RiennaZakarinaElenhemLesterKarrar

Blasmer is the westernmost landmass in the Lost Sea, and one of the world's two continents. Blasmer is home to the Blasmerians, a blanket term referring to the negroid and mongoloid ethnic groups that reside in the thirteen independent countries located in Blasmer.

In contrast to Wechall, Blasmer is far more rural, less developed, and less politically organized. Beginning in the 16th-century, Wechallian nations began colonizing the weaker nations of Blasmer, and thus many Blasmerian nations have lost their native languages in favor of the languages of their colonizing countries. In addition to this, many Blasmerians were taken to Wechall as slaves from the 16th to 19th-centuries, resulting in large Blasmerian populations in certain Wechallian nations. There are communities of ethnic-Wechallians in Blasmerian nations, but most returned to their home countries after Blasmerian nations received independence from their colonizing countries in the 20th-century.

The largest country in Blasmer is Reftar, with a population estimate of 78 million, located on the eastern coast. The capital of Reftar, Rienna, is the largest city in Blasmer with a population estimate of eight million. Some of the other largest cities include Zakarina (in Restina), Elenhem (in Lemu), Lester (in Karufa), and Karrar (in Reftar).

Countries[edit | edit source]

Flag Map English common
and formal names
Domestic common
and formal names
Capital Population
(est. 2017)
Flagalberkerku.svg Mapalberkerku.png Alberkerku
Republic of Alberkerku
Bachiserian: Alberkerkja — Malaześ z Alberkerkju Malu 27,103,000
Flagaleria.svg Mapaleria.png Aleria
Republic of Aleria
Dalian: Alerja — Maześ z Alerju Darja 12,204,000
Flagbraka.svg Mapbraka.png Braka
Republic of Braka
Kashan: Braka — Naruszka zhe Brake New Kovoff 2,550,000
Flagjansone.svg Mapjansone.png Jansone
Kingdom of Jansone
Jansonian: ჟანცჰუნ — ჟანცჰუნლემა
(Janchun — Janchunlema)
Kroftsi 18,861,000
Flagkarufa.svg Mapkarufa.png Karufa
Republic of Karufa
Lungarian: Karufa — Jüng Karufa Lester 31,340,000
Flaglemu.svg Maplemu.png Lemu
Kingdom of Lemu
Lemu: ལེམུ — ལེམུཀ྄ེ
(Lemu — Lemukef)
Elenhem 52,520,000
Flagpalina.svg Mappalina.png Palina
Republic of Palina
Dalian: Palina — Maześ z Palinu Katinka 10,405,000
Flagpostad.svg Mappostad.png Postad
Postad Republic
Delterian: Postad — Repubiget Postad Varen 4,401,000
Flagreftar.svg Mapreftar.png Reftar
Republic of Reftar
Lungarian: ReftaJüng Refta Rienna 78,871,000
Flagrestina.svg Maprestina.png Restina
Republic of Restina
Dalian: Resteś — Maześ z Resteśu Zakarina 60,102,000
Flagsalia.svg Mapsalia.png Salia
Kingdom of Salia
Salian: Սալձա — նեմֆար նել Սալձա
(Salja — Nemfar nel Salja)
Halavan 14,120,000
Flagsaldan.svg Mapsaldan.png Saldan
Republic of Saldan
Lungarian: Saldan — Jüng Saldan Resteria 13,581,000
Flagveronika.svg Mapveronika.png Veronika
Republic of Veronika
Bachiserian: Viranika — Malaześ z Viraniku
VeronikanViranikka — Mauażeś z Viranikku
Veronika City 1,204,000
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